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ISO Standards for Translation and Interpreting an Option or an Obligation cover.png

2021 MATA Annual conference:

ISO Standards for Translation and Interpreting: An Option or an Obligation?

19 November 2021, 2 pm - 7 pm CET (8 am - 1 pm EST)




02:00 – 02:05     

Welcome remarks

Ms. Ana Popova Manasievska

MATA President


02:05 – 02:35      

Keynote address - Overview of Translation and Interpreting Standards

Ms. Maryse Benhoff

ISO International Chair of Technical Committee 37 on Language and Terminology, Sub Committee 5 on Translation, Interpreting and Related Technology TC37/S5, and Committee Manager of ISO's TC 37 Sub Committee 2 on Terminology workflow and language coding TC37/SC2

02:35 – 03:20

Standards developed by ISO/TC 37/SC 5/WG 1 - Translation

Mr. Julio Montero

Convenor ISO TC37/SC5/WG2 – Translation

03:20 – 03:50    

Adopting translation and interpreting standards 

Mr. Goran Pletvarski

Head of the Unit for General Standardization of the Macedonian Standardization Institute (ISRSM)

03:50 – 04:00

MATA's efforts to promote T&I standards

Ms. Irena Kacarski Kimova

MATA Board Member, MATA Standards Working Group Coordinator

04:00 – 04:30    

Discussion round 1


04:30 – 04:45     



04:45 – 04:55    

When interpreting standards are just an option

Ms. Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska

MATA Board Member, MATA Interpreting Working Group Coordinator

04:55 – 05:40    

Standards in interpreting - an effort to raise awareness of the interpreting profession

Dr. Verónica Pérez Guarnieri

Convenor of ISO TC37/SC5/WG2 - Interpreting 

05:40 – 06:00     

Standardization in the middle of technological developments

Ms. Marguerite Lely

Convenor of ISO TC37/SC5/WG3 - Facilities and equipment for interpreting services

06:00 – 06:20    

Education for interpreters – new standard

Ms. Angela Sasso

Convenor and Project Leader of ISO TC 37/SC 5/ WG4 - Interpreting and translation teaching and training programs


06:20 – 06:40   

The challenges and relevance of implementing professional interpreting standards

Ms. Sally Bailey-Ravet

Head of Department of Interpretation, Travel and Events Management, and Head Interpreter, Council of Europe

06:40 – 07:00

Multilingual Hybrid Meetings – challenges and opportunities

Mr. Fardad Zabetian

CEO and Founder of KUDO, Member of the ISO WG on Interpreting technologies

07:00 – 07:30   

Discussion Round 2



Closing and end of conference




Ms. Hristina Dojčinova Koceva

MATA Founding Member, Conference Committee (Speakers & Program Management)

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