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 << At Future’s Doorstep: Beyond 2020 >>

Welcome to this year's conference! Our team has worked hard on organizing an exciting schedule full of engaging lectures. Explore our website for all the information that you need, and book your ticket today.

This conference is special for two reasons. Firstly, it coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Macedonian Translators Association, a decade of successful work and great results. And secondly, this year the conference will be held "online" which will be available to participants outside our borders!

This year the conference is dedicated to two important topics. The first one refers to the upcoming European integration process. The role of translators and interpreters is extremely important, especially in the process of negotiations and harmonization with European legislation. The Macedonian language will be side by side with all EU languages, and therefore, important questions are posed: what is the corpus of documents that will have to be translated, how to become a translator or interpreter for the European institutions, which qualifications are required, how many translators and interpreters will be needed and so forth. 

Representatives of the European Commission in Brussels and the Secretariat for European Affairs at the Macedonian Government will speak on this topic. The afternoon session will cover the challenges we face, the influx of new technology, artificial intelligence and ever-improving machine translation, which call into question the future of our work and the challenges we will have to overcome. 

Three outstanding lecturers from abroad, Renato Beninatto, Esther Bond and Doug Lawrence, will speak on this topic, and they will also address what awaits us after 2020. 

The participants can discuss the topics of each of the sections by asking questions using the “chat” window, and our speakers will have the opportunity to answer them. 

The working language will be Macedonian, and remote simultaneous interpretation into English will be provided.


MATA Conference Organization Committee: Lukrecija, Ana, Ognena, Radomir, Natasha, Sonja, Irena, Hristina